Vietnam Maritime Corporation

Address: 1 Dao Duy Anh St., Phuong Mai, Dong Da, Ha Noi

Tel: (024) 35770825~30



VIMC SHIPPING COMPANY ( VLC), founded on May 8th, 2002, and with its headquarter located in Hanoi, is a member of VIETNAM MARITIME CORPORATION ( VIMC). The company has established Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality Management Systems for the purpose of serving and reaching its goal. Self-evaluation has been an ongoing task for the company through the process of building and improving SHEQMS, all for the final result of fulfilling customers’ demands and other requirements from related corporations.

The company is well known for being one of the best shipping management service suppliers in the world and is well recognized by customers and other stakeholders in the international shipping industry.


  • To the Nation: Help Vietnam to become a nation – important destination with strategic position in the global maritime map.
  • To the Customers: Bring exceptional value and increase opportunities to gain access to international trade for customers via the ecology system of products of the global supply chain solutions logistics.
  • To the Internal Staffs: Form a professional business culture with great humanity, where all individuals are encouraged to gain maximum intellectual development and enthusiasm, provoke potential creativity and recognition and to be entitled to actualize dreams.


  • VIMC is the first choice in the global supply chain solution logistics, contributing to the prosperity of Vietnam in the sea.

Business Philosophy

Beyond the expectation

  • To the Customers: Provide with extraordinary experience and value.
  • To the Shareholders: Bring benefits beyond the expectation.
  • To the Partners: VIMC offers exceptional collaboration opportunities.
  • To the Internal staffs: The staffs of VIMC exceeds the requirements of the organization.
  • To the Society: VIMC makes outstanding contributions to the national maritime economic development.

Core Value

  • Discipline: Is the most fundamental principle
  • Enthusiasm: Is the spirit of devotion and passion of the staff
  • Creativity: Is the innovative thinking, to brighten creative ideas
  • Solidarity: To be like minded to create future success
  • Integrity: Is the professional ethic and moral value