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KR’s Services

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KR is a world-leading, technical advisor to the maritime industry, safeguarding life, property and the environment through the pursuit of excellence in its rules and standards.
Founded in 1960 and a member of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) since 1988, KR ensures its customers receive immediate and high-quality service through its comprehensive network of more than 60 offices and its headquarters in Busan.


01 Survey
KR’s class survey regime aims to help customers register their vessels and operate them in a safe and responsible way throughout their service life. Vessels under our service program benefit from all class surveys being carried out by experienced KR surveyors stationed across the globe. KR has also been awarded ‘recognized organization’ status by a large number of major shipping nation governments. This allows us to conduct statutory surveys on their behalf and to certify compliance with international maritime codes and conventions.

02 Certification
KR offers a range of certification services from our offices around the world. Our IACS membership coupled with more than 50 years of industry experience allows our highly qualified and motivated teams of experts to deliver a tailored service that is both timely and cost effective.

03 Digital Technology
KR’s ambition is to become ‘Digital Class KR’, and so we are developing a wide range of ICT technologies to lead the 4th industrial era. KR will provide outstanding technical services through the development of future technologies such as big data, cyber security and remote surveys.

04 Energy & Environmental Services
In keeping with our passion for the protection of the natural environment, KR offers survey and certification services for renewable energies, including wind and ocean power. KR is continuously working on new and innovative green ship technologies to reduce emissions and fuel usage, using these advances to enable our customers to meet their environmental goals.

05 Naval Services
KR continues to verify technical documentation for naval vessel design and to contribute to the stability and combat performance of all types of warships and submarines.

06 Research & Development

Dedicated KR professionals deliver a range of high-quality technical services throughout the entire life-cycle of a vessel. Our experts are all highly qualified and experienced in working with world-class shipbuilders and shipping companies, putting us in a prime position to deliver expert practical advice to our customers.


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