Shanghai Haian Lifesaving Equipment Co.,Ltd

Add: No.239, Haigong Road, Gulf Tourist Zone, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

HAF-Saving is the professional Liferafts manufactory based in Shanghai, China, providing the highest standards of quality, reliability, and good performance Liferafts for commercial vessels, passenger vessels as well as leisure yachts.

Product group includes:

  • HAF-A serial Throwing type SOLAS Inflatable Liferaft
  • HAF-D serial DAVIT-Launched type SOLAS Inflatable Liferaft
  • HAF-K serial Open reversible Inflatable Liferaft
  • HAF-Y serial Throwing type Fishing Inflatable Liferaft
  • HAF-Coastal Leisure Liferaft
  • HAF-ISO Leisure Liferaft
  • HAF-ISO Self-rightingl Leisure Liferaft

A true HAF works as hard as you, keep improving the product performance, to meet the developing requests from the customer worldwide.

We are professional! We only focus on Liferafts.