LONAKO Compact Size Liferaft Canopy Light For Small Raft

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LNK-LR-03A liferaft light is lithium battery-powered emergency light to be installed with liferaft.
When the liferaft is inflated the “O” shape ring of the light will be pull out, then the switch clip will open and both of external and internal lights will be automatically activated. The external light installed on the top of liferaft canopy will output a flashing light signal with over 4.3cd light intensity to uninterruptedly indicate the position of liferaft. The internal light inside built on the light’s main body will output 0.5cd steady light for reading instructions and basic illuminating. Both of external and internal light can be separately turn on or turn off by the manual switches on the light’s main body.

The light has especially excellent performance at low temperature, which the external light can work at least 12hours over 4.3cd light intensity even at -30℃ !


  • Lamp: LONAKO LED
  • Chromaticity: White
  • Battery: Lithium battery
  • Function: External light – Flashing | Internal light – Steady
  • Flash Frequency: external light 50~70times/min
  • Light Output of External Light: ≥4.3cd
  • Light Output of Internal Light: ≥0.5cd
  • Operation Life: ≥12h over 4.3cd
  • Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃
  • Storing Temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃
  • Expiry Date: 5 years
  • Dimension: Main body 71.5*44.7*24.5mm | Lamp Cover Ф62.5*42mm
  • Weight: 119g
  • Connector Wire Length: External Light 1250mm
  • Certificate: MED & CCS & USCG
  • Performance: Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof, Water-proof
  • Standards: MSC.81 (70) as amended
  • Activation: Auto turn on when raft inflated.


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