LONAKO LNK-SL2 Indicator Light For Inflatable Lifejacket

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LNK-SL2 lifejacket lights are alkaline battery-powered emergency lights to be installed on all kinds of life jackets. When the lifejacket lights` water sensors contact water, they will be automatically activated and keep outputting the flashing white light more than 0.75cd light intensity during at least 26 hours (13 hours at -1℃), which can uninterruptedly indicate the survivor’s location to increase the success rate of rescue. They can be manually turned off and turned on if water sensors contact with water.


  • Light source: LED
  • Chromaticity: White
  • Battery: Alkaline batteries
  • Function: Flashing-OFF
  • Flash Frequency: 50~70 times/min
  • Luminous Intensity: ≥0.75cd
  • Operation Life: ≥26h over 0.75cd (13hrs at -1℃)
  • Working Temperature: -1℃ ~ +30℃
  • Storing Temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃
  • Expiry Date: 5 years
  • Dimension: Main body 62.5*25.4*23.8mm / buckle 61.2*9.5*11.7mm
  • Wire Length: 64cm
  • Weight: 45g (including buckle)
  • Environment Performance: Meet RoHS and asbestos-free requirements
  • Certificate: Meet MED & CCS & USCG
  • Activation: Water-activation automatically on/ manual off / manual on
  • Performance: Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof,Corrosion-proof, Water-proof
  • Standards: MSC.81 (70) as amended


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