LONAKO LNK-SL5 Manual Flashing Lifejacket Light

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LNK-SL5 lifejacket lights are alkaline battery-powered emergency lights to be installed on all kinds of life jackets. When the lifejacket lights were turned on by manual switch they can keep outputting the light more than 0.75cd light intensity during at least 26 hours (13 hours at -1℃) which can uninterruptedly indicate the survivor’s location to increase the success rate of rescue.

LNK-SL5: Only with signal flashing light can be manually turned ON and OFF.


  • Light source: LED
  • Chromaticity: White
  • Battery: Alkaline batteries
  • Function: Flashing
  • Flash Frequency: 50~70 times/min
  • Luminous Intensity: ≥0.75cd
  • Operation Life: ≥26h over 0.75cd (13hrs at -1℃)
  • Working Temperature: -1℃ ~ +30℃
  • Storing Temperature: -30℃ ~ +65℃
  • Expiry Date: 5 years
  • Dimension: Main body 62.5*25.4*23.5mm / buckle 61.2*9.5*11.7mm
  • Weight: 38g (including buckle)
  • Environment Performance: Meet RoHS and asbestos-free requirements
  • Certificate: Meet MED & CCS & USCG
  • Activation: manual off / manual on
  • Performance: Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof, Water-proof
  • Standards: MSC.81 (70) as amended


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