Giang Nam Logistics JSC

Address: 198/B4 Hoang Van Thu St., Ward 09, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Giang Nam Trading & Service Co., Ltd., established in November 2006, is a multi-industry enterprise operating in almost all logistics fields such as water and road transport, providing warehousing services, and crates. storage, ICD, depot, container service lifting, arranging goods, customs procedures…
Main activities of the company’s fields: – Forwarding, transporting containers and goods by road, inland waterway and coastal.
– Ship operation, warehouse and yard, ICD, warehouse, lifting services, arranging containers and goods, customs procedures…
– Agent for trading and retailing petroleum.
– Buying, selling, renting and supplying equipment; maintaining and repairing means of arranging, lifting and transporting by road and water.
– Construction of residential and commercial buildings, rental of warehouses, tents, shipbuilding and floating events.