Liferaft Exchange gives you maximum operational flexibility and safety. With a nationwide network of service stations and trusted authorization by flag manufacturers/inspectors/authorities around the world, our industry-leading advantages and a wide range of exchange options In exchange, you can tailor your liferaft contract to suit your operational requirements.

Benefits when using the service:

  • The life rafts are replaced with new life rafts that have full certification, equivalent capacity and meet standards.
  • Comprehensive network, ensuring availability at all key ports.
  • Support for short stays of ships.
  • Facilitates both overall cost reduction and better cost management.
  • Save shipping time.
  • Highly skilled technicians ensure rafts always comply with regulations.

Always compliant, always on board:

Our liferafts are approved, certified and ready for use. Our teams across the country work hard to ensure your life raft is ready whenever and wherever. Liferaft technicians will be waiting at your port with a replacement liferaft when you need it, all ready to go immediately when you arrive at port. All innovative liferafts at GOTCO meet and exceed the latest international standards for quality and safety according to SOLAS and relevant IMO resolutions and circulars (where applicable) including the Ministry LSA law.


With our “Liferaft Exchange” service, you can significantly improve your vessel’s performance/operating efficiency.


To meet service quality and time recommendations, we maintain each liferaft to international standards, providing maximum protection from the elements and any damage caused by handling or transportation. . Your crew can perform regular inspections themselves without any hassle to ensure overall performance. We provide your seafarers with monitoring and inspection tools as well as training to support them in carrying out onboard inspections as required.


With a system of service stations and a GOTCO technical team at the ready, you will avoid the need for annual full services when liferafts have to be transported to and from your vessel. This means reduced handling of life rafts, reduced time spent in port and ultimately cost savings for your business.


Our “Liferaft Exchange” service is an ideal solution for short and infrequent port calls or those operating in more remote areas where it may be more difficult (geolocation management) on the availability of the approved service station.


Service station

With our system of service stations spanning across the country for all maritime service requirements, as well as Fire Prevention and Fighting.. With 7 service stations in: Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau, Kien Giang, Hai Phong, Ha Tinh, Quang Ngai, Thanh Hoa – GOTCO confidently brings you services – products at all large and small port systems in Vietnam.


Reliability at every stage

Reliability is key at GOTCO. If we didn’t ensure reliability at every stage and constantly seek to improve product performance at every possible point, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It is the quality of our products – combined with the measures we take from concept to delivery and beyond – that earn the trust of our Customers. When it comes to safety, there is no room for error or complacency.

Providing the best quality life rafts

The expertise of all our liferaft service technicians is what sets us apart, delivering our values ​​every day and helping to ensure maximum safety for passengers and passengers. your crew in case of emergency. For optimal performance, our liferafts undergo rigorous testing.

Depend on us to bring you home

Depend on us to bring you home

If disaster strikes, you need a life raft to get off the ship quickly and safely – protecting the lives of passengers and crew. At GOTCO, our knowledge and expertise, combined with a deep understanding of what our Customers need, has established us as a trusted provider of safety solutions. At the heart of this success is our relentless focus on reliability at every stage, we aim for excellence in everything we do.

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