Safety Equipment Rentals

GOTCO’s technical specialists possess the knowledge and practical experience to provide customers with optimal solutions based on their specific needs. We offer equipment and supplies for maritime rescue, safety and firefighting, available for both purchase and rental at your workplace.

With nearly 20 years of maritime expertise, GOTCO ensures timely project completion, even under challenging conditions. Our commitment is to deliver excellent and efficient solutions, allowing you to flexibly rent tools and equipment based on your specific requirements, saving you valuable time and money.

GOTCO specializes in supplying and leasing firefighting, rescue and safety equipment for the maritime industry. We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of high-quality firefighting, rescue and safety equipment that adheres to ISO, SOLAS and MED standards. Our offerings include Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), gas detection devices, fire extinguishing equipment, ATEX-certified devices and general safety equipment. With a nationwide network of service stations, GOTCO ensures prompt delivery of equipment and safety services.

We are dedicated to providing 24/7 service, conducting safety equipment checks at our service centers, on your ship or offshore. Our deeply trained and certified technicians are ready to assist with installation, inspection, issue resolution, or maintenance of your firefighting, rescue, and safety equipment.



To stay on track

With an extensive network of service stations and a dedicated GOTCO team regularly present at both major and minor ports. We commit to completing tasks on schedule and ensuring no disruptions to your maritime operations

Save on costs

GOTCO brings you an excellent and optimized solution, allowing you the flexibility to rent tools and equipment based on your specific needs

Save time

GOTCO's equipment rental service will help you save more time, minimizing downtime for vessels awaiting repairs and replacements.


We provide customers with a comprehensive range of high-quality fire-fighting, rescue and safety equipment that complies with ISO, SOLAS and MED standards. This includes respiratory protection, gas detection, ATEX-certified firefighting equipment and general safety devices.



  • Rental Liferafts
  • Exchange
  • Renew

Safety equipment

  • Gas detector
  • Oxygen supply equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Explosion-proof equipment

Rescue equipment

  • SCBA
  • Smoke escape mask
  • Lighting equipment
  • Explosion-proof equipment

All our equipment is meticulously maintained and serviced by our highly trained technical team. Regular testing ensures each product operates effectively, safely and meets your specific requirements. GOTCO tracks usage history and rental service records for each device, ensuring compliance with our rigorous quality control standards.