Consultation and installation of fire protection systems are mandatory requirements for every construction project, adhering to standards, certifications and executed by professional fire protection design consulting companies. GOTCO proudly stands as the top choice with a professional workflow and proven quality through numerous successful projects.

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Designing and installing fire protection systems require the expertise of companies and engineers with professional fire protection design certifications.
These systems are applicable to apartments, buildings, residential complexes, shopping mall, hospitals,… Many residential clients engage consulting firms for fire protection design to ensure maximum safety.


Tailoring excellent solutions for each project, GOTCO offers

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GOTCO is available for free 24/7 consultation to meet your needs.

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Survey - Design

Our team of engineers conducts on-site surveys, creates professional designs before implementation.

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Installation & Inspection

After survey and design, GOTCO's engineering team carries out installation and post-installation inspections.

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Routine Maintenance

With a strict process, GOTCO provides a comprehensive solution for your fire protection system.


Fire Alarm System

In the design of fire protection systems, the fire alarm system is indispensable. As its name suggests, the fire alarm system provides early warning when there is a risk of fire, triggering alarms to disseminate information for timely evacuation and swift handling.

The design of the fire alarm system includes:

  • Smoke detectors: Automatically identify smoke and transmit signals to the fire alarm control center, activating the alarm bells. Installed in various locations, operating 24/7, easy to maintain and cost-effective.
    Heat detectors: Operate based on the surrounding temperature, sending signals to the fire alarm control center when the set temperature threshold is reached. Often installed in fire-prone areas, cost-effective, and now integrated with smartphone apps for added convenience.

Fire Suppression System

  • Sprinkler System

Sprinkler heads are activated at a preset temperature to spray water directly onto the fire. This system is easy to install, cost-effective and easy to maintain but may not be suitable for areas with sensitive equipment or products prone to water damage.

  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System

Instead of water, this system releases dry chemical agents into hard-to-reach areas, making it suitable for machinery rooms, storage areas with flammable materials, and ports. The released substance suppresses the fire and temporarily balances the required oxygen levels for human respiration, ensuring safety for equipment and machinery.

  • CO2 Fire Suppression System

Applied in environments with high-value equipment and machinery, this system uses a mixture of air and diluted CO2. However, it should only be employed when the area is evacuated, as CO2 is highly toxic.

  • Foam Fire Suppression System

When activated, this system dispenses foam to cover flammable liquid surfaces, separating the combustible material from air and fire, effectively extinguishing the flames. This foam minimizes water usage, reduces pollution, and avoids damage to equipment and goods at the fire site.


The design of fire protection systems is a crucial aspect, governed by specific standards and regulations outlined in Decree No. 136/2020 NĐ-CP and Article 15 of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Law. Compliance with these standards is essential for the system to be operational.

Relevant standards and regulations include:

  • Fire Protection Design Standards: Decree 136/2020 NĐ-CP; QCVN06-2021/BXD and QCVN 04-2019/BXD standards.
  • Design specifications detailed in corresponding TCVN standards for each specific fire protection system and installed fire alarm equipment

In simple terms, consulting on fire protection system design must achieve three objectives:

  • Ensure human safety.
  • Minimize property damage.
  • Ensure the system operates continuously without disrupting daily activities or business.

GOTCO - Professional Fire Protection Design and Construction Consulting Company

GOTCO is a professional fire protection system design and construction company, specializing in providing effective solutions for fire protection. Our comprehensive services include calculating PCCC system designs, designing PCCC systems, selecting materials, proposing PCCC construction plans, inspection and preparing tender documents for PCCC systems, ensuring compliance with current fire protection laws.

GOTCO recognizes that construction drawings are crucial for estimating construction costs. These drawings display technical specifications, materials used and construction details in accordance with applied standards, technical regulations, ensuring conditions for implementing construction projects.

Given the complexity and technical expertise required, not every business has internal resources to meet these demands. Therefore, choosing GOTCO ensures customers receive accurate, high-quality, timely services, fully compliant with legal requirements, and at the most competitive market prices.

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