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GOTCO performs crane testing with a load capacity of up to 150 tons, meeting all customer requirements for the safety of crane operations. We conduct crane load testing to ensure that the crane system can handle maximum loads during operation.

To ensure the safety of the crane load for our customers, we can bring a weighing device to the testing site to perform checks. Subsequently, we will provide the most accurate report on the load testing results to the customers.

crane load testing

Water Load Bags

GOTCO has adopted the water load bag method, the best load testing method available today. Instead of using solid materials such as concrete, soil, or rocks for load testing, which can have environmental impacts and pose risks during the crane load testing process, GOTCO has implemented the best and safest crane load testing method currently available.

With water load bags at GOTCO, we can perform crane load testing up to 100 tons. With this method, we can test various types of cranes, such as checking the load capacity of the crane boom, beam load capacity, lifeboat load capacity, and high crane load capacity.

Crane Load Testing Procedure at GOTCO

When it comes to crane load testing, it is important to note that the load testing should not exceed 125% of the rated lifting capacity. Additionally, all load testing reports must be reviewed by responsible personnel.

Crane load testing - GOTCO

Crane load testing – GOTCO

Pre-Testing Inspection

The pre-testing procedure for high-rise cranes primarily involves preparing the crane for operation, ensuring that everything is functioning properly and that the crane is safe. It also ensures that all stakeholders involved in the load testing are informed about the testing process, procedures, etc.

The cranes that have been modified or completely upgraded must be inspected before their first-time use to ensure safety. This includes the following functions: lifting and lowering, bridge travel, limit switches, locks, and safety devices.

Conducting Crane Load Testing

After checking and ensuring the operation of the crane, GOTCO will proceed with load testing using water load bags at the predetermined rated weight.

During the crane load testing process, a restricted area must be designated within the testing area. Absolutely no person or object should be present beneath the crane load testing area to ensure utmost safety.

Completion of Load Testing

Once the load testing is completed, the water load bags will be lowered, and the water will be drained in authorized areas. This fully complies with environmental protection criteria and ensures occupational safety.

The results will be recorded, stored, and sent to the customer.

Furthermore, GOTCO will issue a safety certification and the necessary conditions for crane operation upon successful load testing, meeting the rated load capacity.

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