GOTCO is authorized by CCS registration – China Classification Society.

Admin 29/07/2023

CCS Registration – China Classification Society provides world – class technical standards and offers survey services for ships, offshore structures, and related industrial products. Additionally, CCS conducts statutory surveys, verification surveys, notarial surveys, certification, recognition, and other services in accordance with international conventions, regulations, and relevant rules of authorized countries or regions.

With authorization from governments in various countries or regions, CCS performs surveys and other services as authorized by those authorities. To date, CCS has been authorized by 60 major maritime transport countries worldwide, including Vietnam, to conduct statutory surveys for vessels and offshore facilities.

GOTCO is authorized by CCS registration - China Classification Society.

GOTCO – a company authorized by CCS registration

Recently, GOTCO has been authorized by CCS registration, which is one of the world’s leading classification societies, known for providing technical standards, survey services for ships, and marine structures.

Therefore, GOTCO is a leading provider of maintenance services for life-saving and fire safety equipment as well as maritime safety in Vietnam. It is authorized by major flag states worldwide, such as PANAMA, BAHAMAS, and LIBERIA, as well as renowned classification societies worldwide, including the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Vietnam Register (VR), Lloyd’s Register (LR), Bureau Veritas (BV), Korean Register (KR), and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK).

This achievement is a significant milestone not only for GOTCO but also highlights the quality and development of Vietnam’s maritime industry on the world map.

To attain CCS registration, technicians at GOTCO underwent rigorous and regular evaluations by specialized personnel from CCS – China Classification Society. After several surveys and assessments, CCS recognized GOTCO as a reputable company meeting the highest global standards.

GOTCO – a trusted company meeting the highest global maritime standards

GOTCO is authorized by CCS registration - China Classification Society.

Being authorized by CCS registration signifies that GOTCO has been acknowledged for its international standards in terms of expertise, professional experience, capabilities, policies, procedures, and professional ethics in the maritime field, ensuring absolute safety for the maritime industry.

With the mission of “Safety, Environmental Protection, Value Creation for Customers and Society,” and backed by 129 offices established worldwide, CCS provides services for various sectors, including maritime transport, shipbuilding, marine finance and insurance, marine equipment, ocean resource exploitation, ocean scientific research, industrial project supervision, system certification, government policy and rule development, energy conservation and emission reduction, risk management, and evaluation.

Remaining true to its mission – creating a safe and prosperous world with the best products and services, leveraging technology and credibility as its foundation – GOTCO continuously enhances its image and value through advanced technology and high-quality services. It is widely recognized and esteemed by the international maritime industry.

Currently, all vessels and maritime structures are encouraged to contact GOTCO, an authorized company by flag states and top classification societies in Vietnam: (+84) 090 183 7775.