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Who We Are

We are defined by a vision, a mission, and a core set of traits that make us truly unique. As important today as they were in the past, these characteristics define how we approach our work. Together, they describe the Spirit of ABS.

Founded in 1862, ABS is a global leader in providing classification services for marine and offshore assets. Our mission is to serve the public interest as well as the needs of our members and clients by promoting the security of life and property and preserving the natural environment. ABS’ commitment to safety, reliability and efficiency is ever-present. ABS continues to lead in industry safety metrics – including a record three-year achievement for zero lost time work-related incidents for 2017 – 2019.

What We Do


Today, ABS is working in a rapidly changing business environment where global markets are shaped more frequently by digital technology and data analytics. We are applying advanced technology, digital tools, capabilities and improved core processes to drive safety excellence, greater performance and efficiency – generating greater value for our members and clients. ABS continues to be a trusted advisor and partner, supporting marine and offshore business ventures for both traditional and non-traditional clients.


Moving quickly and easily, ABS provides solutions that add greater value to our clients, making us stronger every day.

  • Surveys during construction, after construction
  • Compliance audits
  • Development of standards known as Rules
  • Engineering research and development
  • Technical plan reviews and design analysis
  • ABS CyberSafety™ Program
  • Asset Reactivation
  • Remote Survey and Audits
  • Sustainability and Compliance Services
  • Digital Solutions


ABS – Lifeboat
ABS – Liferaft & Lifebouy
ABS – Fire Extinguishing Systems
ABS – Self-contained breathing apparatus