SG Safety Cooperation (Korea)

Add: Shinpyeong-ro 28, Yongcheon-dong, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do

Safety is true value that SG think as a top priority

Industrial sites and offices where our fathers are sweating and sweet homes with loved ones
and schools and playgrounds where children grow their dreams, anywhere humans work and
reside require safety, in where SG Safety promises our valuable services.
SG Safety Corporation continues to endeavor to keep the promise with our customers to keep their safety.

Business Sectors

SG Safety will always work for your safety in every sector from military defense,
industrial/fire safety and marine safety to leisure business deeply
related with your daily life.

With the manufacturing know-how accumulated over the past half century since its
foundation during Korean War, SG’s have been promised with our customers to
maintain, strict quality control system and to lead innovation.

All of these values are included in the philosophy of SG Safety.