D40 Hose Coupling (Brass, Nakajima Type)

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D40 Hose Coupling (Brass, Nakajima Type)


  • Dimension: D40
  • Material: Brass

General characteristics:

  • A coupling is a connector at the end of a hose to connect it to another hose or to a part of the device. Couplings are usually made of steel, brass.
  • This coupling is intended for connecting a fire hose to an angle valve or nozzle.
  • Couplings used in fire protection to extend the length of fire hydrants, making firefighting effective and flexible.
  • Couplings are of different types, based on the country of their manufacture. The types of couplings have different structures and uses, but the general purpose is to connect hose sections together or connect hoses to nozzles, fire hydrants, water pumps, …


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