Foam Lifejacket RongSheng RSCY-A6

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  • Product name: life jacket RSCY-A6
  • Model: RSCY-A6
  • Type of life jacket: adult life jacket
  • Standard: Compliant with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendments
  • Mainly used for: Ships, domestic ships and offshore installations
  • Fabric Material: Polyester
  • Embossed material: EPE
  • Buoyancy: more than 150N
  • Dimensions: 710x340x120mm
  • Accessories: Whistle, Buddy line, lifting loop
  • Accessories that can be used: Watertight self-lighting light and buzzer
  • Strength of bearing: high bearing
  • Reflective tape: 400cm2
  • Convenience: Foldable for easy storage; There is a floating block behind the head, which can keep the head above the water
  • Certificate: CCS / EC
  • Suitable for target users: Weight: 43kg – 140kg; Height: > 155cm; Chest circumference: 1750mm


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