Inflatable Lifejacket Secumar Golf 275N Twin SOLAS 14256

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  • SOLAS 74/78 [IMO Res. MSC.81(70), MSC.200(80), MSC.207(81), MSC.226(82)]
  • DIN EN ISO 12402-2
  • DIN EN ISO 12401 (only Harness)


  • Buoyancy Class (CE): 275 N
  • Type of buoyancy/ Method of Inflator: Inflatable / Automatic Inflator 3001S and Manual Inflator SECU 301SM
  • Buoyancy/ CO2-cartridge size: 280 N / 60g
  • Size/ body weight Buoyancy: from 50 kg body weight
  • Buoyancy chamber system: Signal-yellow double buoyancy chamber, retroreflective tape, zip fastened, lifting becket, SECUMAR Click-Buckle
  • Standard equipment: Distress light SECULUX CFX-II, buddyline, two-tone-whistle, integral safety harness (acc. to DIN EN ISO 12401; only P/N 14164)
  • Colour: Navyblue, Orange (=SPR)
  • Harness: Optional (P/N 14164)
  • Closure: Click front buckle
  • Emergency light: Yes, CFX-II
  • Particularly suitable for / Operational area: Ocean shipping (SOLAS)


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