Multi Gas Clip MGC PUMP-IR . Handheld 4 Gas Detector

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  • Product Name: Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR
  • Origin: USA
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Suction pump: Yes
  • Gas detection: 4 gases H2S / CO / O2 / LEL ( Super battery saving infrared LEL detector )
  • Outstanding feature: Measured in inert gas and oxygen deficiency
  • Calibration cycle: 1 year
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Battery durability: Charge 1 time for 5 days continuously
  • Pump operation time: Up to 52 hours of continuous use
  • Measuring capacity: Can measure up to 75 feet (23m)

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Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR is one of the leading toxic gas detector product lines on the market today, highly appreciated by many users in many aspects. Thanks to its impressive performance and extremely simple re-use, this Gasclip portable 4-gas detector offers considerable convenience to the user during operation and use. Let’s take a look at the outstanding features of this product model with the following information.

General introduction of the portable 4-gas detector Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR

Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR since its launch on the market has received much appreciation. Products with origins from the USA, therefore, bring considerable peace of mind to users during use.

The device is capable of detecting 4 gases, including H2S, CO, O2 and flammable gases such as CH4, ICH4, …

In addition, the machine gives the ability to use durable over time, up to 15 years of service life. Thus, after using continuously for 1 year, users can send the device back to the company or distributors to perform calibration and continue using.

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Outstanding features of the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR . 4-gas detector

Compact design, convenient for use

As a portable gas detector, therefore, the manufacturer has focused on the appearance design, ensuring the device is compact and convenient for users. When there is no need to use this device, you can completely put it in your pocket without feeling too heavy or bulky.

The device consists of only one simple button. Along with that, the LCD screen of the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR is designed to be large. Thus, creating considerable ease for users in the process of monitoring parameters.

High performance

The battery of the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR 4-gas detector can be used continuously for 52 hours. Therefore, creating considerable convenience for organizations and businesses that need to use the machine regularly.

Gasclip IR Pump handheld 4-gas detector

In particular, the operation of the machine is noiseless, does not cause discomfort, ensuring the most optimal working environment for users.

Notably, compared to many other toxic gas detectors on the market, the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR has the ability to detect 4 types of gases accurately even in inert or hypoxic environments.

Thanks to the application of infrared LEL detector , the product is more appreciated for its super battery saving feature.

1 year calibration cycle

Machine with a calibration cycle of 1 year. After this 1-year period, you can send the device back to the manufacturer or distributors for calibration and continued use. You can also self-calibrate if you have the calibration accessory included. Calibration is simple and easy. You can see how to calibrate HERE

It can be said that with this calibration time of 1 year, users can save considerable time compared to models that have to perform calibration after each use.

Outstanding Durability

Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR for durable, long-lasting use. Specifically, under normal operating cycles, the machine has a lifespan of up to 15 years. Thanks to this feature, units can significantly save on replacement costs, resulting in outstanding economic efficiency.

Application of Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR machine in practice

Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR 4-gas detector is widely used to detect gas in marine, marine, oil tankers, gas ships…

In addition, in order to test harmful gases as well as oxygen levels in the working environment, aiming to limit unwanted risks, people also use products in the mining and processing industries. wastewater, petrochemical, mining, oil and gas…

Instructions on how to use the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR . gas detector

Using the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR gas meter is extremely simple. Specifically, after attaching the air tubes and dropping them on the area where the gas concentration needs to be measured, you just need to press the button on the body of the device.

After about 3 minutes, the meter will return the results through the LCD screen. In particular, in case of detecting a condition where the gas concentration does not reach a safe level, the device will emit an audible alarm. As a result, users can consider adjusting and be more proactive in protecting themselves.

Stable and durable performance, it can be said that the Multi Gas Clip MGC Pump-IR 4-gas detector will be an economical choice for organizations and units that often have to work in hazardous environments. , risk.


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