RUIHUA EU-2L Foam fire extinguisher (S2Eco)

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EU-2L Foam fire extinguisher

  • Brand: RUIHUA
  • Product Code: S2Eco
  • Fire Rating: 8A 55B
  • Operating Pressure: 12bar
  • Discharge Time (approx): 17.2 sec
  • Dimensions (height x diameter): 420 mm x 115 mm
  • Overall Mass (approx): 3.8 kg

Presto Foam fire extinguisher is suitable for the following Applications:

  • A Class Fires (paper, wood, textiles)
  • B Class Fires (flammable liquid fires such as oils, paints and solvents)
  • Do not use on E Class fires

Fire Extinguisher Features:

  • Stainless steel cylinder.
  • Filled and charged ready to use.
  • Powder coated with UV resistant paint finish.
  • Stainless steel handles and levers – suitable foraggressive environments.
  • Heavy duty zinc plated brass valve with easy to read pressure indicator.
  • Wall hanging bracket.
  • Australian Standards Aluminium Inspection Tag supplied and fitted to extinguisher.
  • Schrader valve, 45 degrees from horizontal for easier recharging.
  • Presto AFFF Foam is a fluorine free, Environmentally friendly foam.
  • Fire extinguishers have been fire tested for theuse in A Class fires. Rating is an indication of thelevel of fire testing achieved. All testing iscarried out by fire professionals.
  • All fire extinguishers should be serviced to therelevant, current Australian Standard. AS1851 -Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems andEquipment.



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