Explosion Proof Lifebuoy Light – RSQD-EX

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LED Lifebuoy light Explosion Proof

Model No.: RSQD-Ex

Lithium Battery
Standard: SOLAS 1974
Approval: CCS & 96/98/EC

The working of the lifebuoy light:

when the lifebuoy is dropped into the water, the lifebuoy light is detached from the lifebuoy automatically, and drop into water.

LED Lifebuoy light will keep upward position when in the water, it will switch on and start flashing. The lifebuoy light is sealed and water-proof , and the head of the light is 50mm over the water level to make sure it can send out strong and stable flash signal, the signal can be seen from upside curve to 180 degree.

When the lifebuoy is took out of the water, the lifebuoy light is attached to lifebuoy still, switch off to stop flashing, to save the energy and increase the work life.


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